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How to sign up: 

Register Your Organization on Farmraiser (Form Available Above)

Choose a season for sales. Seasons Include:

  • Spring Flowers - Hanging Baskets, Combo Planters, and 4" Bedding Plants + Houseplant Add-ons 
  • Fall Flowers - Mums, Oriental Kale, Asters, and Rudbeckia + Houseplant Add-ons
  • Winter Plants - Poinsettia and Porch Pots + Houseplant Add-ons

3. Coordinate delivery and sale times. 

  • You must have a minimum of $2000 dollars to receive a scheduled delivery during the spring. 
  • Our delivery times are an hour window. For example, if your delivery time is at 2:30 pm, we will be there between 2-3:30 pm. We will call when the delivery has left the greenhouse. 
  • You must have volunteers to help unload your plant items. If there are no volunteers, we charge a $100 unloading fee. 
  • Your order must be in 2 weeks before your delivery date.  

4. Ordering Materials

  • Once you are registered on Farmraiser you will have access to begin your sale on the Farmraiser app. (Farmraiser charges a 5% fee with a cap of $1500 dollars on your sale). They guarantee that your sale will be more successful using their app or you will not have to pay the 5%.
  • Plant care pamphlets and printed color order forms are available at 10 cents per copy. If your sale is done with only paper pamphlets your will not have to pay the 5% fee.
  • *Plant substitutes may occur based on the arrival of the final order/level of inventory. We always try to sub for a plant item similar to the one purchased*

5. Begin your Sales! 

Season Dates: *Ordering starts at the end of the previous fundraising season.* 

Spring -

Order Deadline - April 12th 

Delivery Dates - April 19th - May 1st & May 8th

Fall -

Order Deadline - Aug. 4th 

Delivery Dates - Aug. 16th - Oct. 1st

Winter -

Order Deadline - Nov. 22nd

Delivery Dates - Nov. 29th - Dec. 11th




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